Picture Windows

Adding breathtaking views to your home is easy when installing picture windows. Custom-made in many shapes and sizes, they enhance views and bring abundant natural light, instantly transforming any room in your Park Ridge, IL home. Learning more about the picture window will help you determine if they are the right choice for your window replacements.

What is a Picture Window?

A picture window is an efficient stationary or fixed-frame unit that looks beautiful anywhere in the home. You may sometimes also hear them referred to as picture frame windows, fixed picture windows, or fixed pane windows. Because they do not open, they can come in much larger sizes than traditional venting windows, offering excellent views of your favorite outdoor scenery. However, they pair well with operable windows, so you can create custom window configurations that meet your household’s needs.

What are the Benefits of Picture Windows?

Picture windows are more than just a beautiful addition to any home – they offer a range of benefits that can enhance your living space and improve your quality of life. These include:


A custom picture window can be designed in larger sizes and shapes than operable windows. They can be grouped together for dramatic effects, or you can add grilles for an interesting effect. Picture windows can also be combined with operable windows for maximum comfort and function. Large windows also complement many architectural styles so that they will look beautiful on the front or back of almost any home.

Energy Efficiency

Picture windows have a strong, full-perimeter seal. Airtight windows mean you do not have to worry about drafts or leaks, increasing energy efficiency. This means larger windows can create beautiful views without compromising energy usage or safety.

Enhanced Views

You can instantly enhance your views by framing stunning views with custom-designed windows in unique locations. When designed strategically, you aren’t just getting a better view but are connecting to the outdoors.

Increased Natural Light

Because picture windows feature a substantial glass area, unlike most traditional styles, they often allow significantly more natural light. Natural light has many benefits, including naturally boosting your mood. As a result, you can create a more beautiful, pleasant atmosphere in your room through your window choice alone.

Make a Room Feel Larger

Picture windows also open up a room, and because of the natural lighting, they give an airy, spacious, and well-lit ambiance. This can instantly make a room feel larger. When you also factor in decorating, furniture arrangements, and window treatments, you can create the illusion of a much bigger room, which is extremely important for small spaces.


Where to Use Picture Windows?

these windows are ideally suited for a variety of spaces because they come in many different shapes and sizes and allow incredible amounts of natural light. They work incredibly well in areas where an open window interferes with exterior landscaping, your decks, walkways, or other outdoor features. Floor-to-ceiling walls are an excellent location for picture windows, making a dramatic statement and offering beautiful views. Another prime location for them is hard-to-reach spaces like upper walls in a vaulted room because you will not be opening the windows for ventilation.

Transform Your Living Spaces with Windows from Perfect Windows and Siding

When it comes to transforming a room, new windows are a relatively easy way to create a new aesthetic without a complete remodel. With custom options, picture windows allow homeowners to personalize their living space, add spacious views, and increase natural lighting. At Perfect Windows and Siding, we specialize in custom window solutions for Chicagoland homes (click here to read our reviews). We work closely with you to create the look you envision for your home, so contact us today to get started.